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About us

We’re a team of experienced professionals specializing in investment and financial planning. 

Together with your advisor, it’s our mission to deliver the tailored investment strategies that help empower you to live with confidence and clarity in your next chapter.  

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The advisors we work with

At Triad Wealth Partners, we’re proud to work with advisors who put their clients’ retirement dreams first. Which means if your advisor is partnering with us, they’re working hard to help you make your vision a reality.  

What We Believe

Our philosophy

We believe that managing risk through various forms of diversification helps enable clients to remain invested in the market and on the path toward achieving their financial goals. 

To design portfolios that deliver on this belief, our team focuses on these three core elements: 


Each of our portfolios has a clear and consistent investment objective while also acting as a building block of a tailored financial plan.


At Triad Wealth, we strive to generate consistent and persistent returns across full market cycles and maintain discipline in our investment process .


We view your risk tolerance as a crucial element of your investments’ long-term success and work hard to ensure expectations and reality are closely aligned.


Our portfolios & strategies

Holistic Planning

We understand that your investments should be part of a broader financial plan tailored to your needs, so we design our portfolios to complement the totality of your financial assets. 

Asset Allocation

Our portfolios follow a strict asset allocation process designed to diversify, control for risk and potentially improve risk-adjusted returns. 

 Investment Platform  

Your advisor is independent. So are we. Our selection of securities reflects our evaluation of what we believe to be the most appropriate investment. 

Active Management

Our portfolios are more than just models. They also offer additional benefits like continuous risk monitoring and tax efficient trading strategies.

Triad Wealth team

Sara Baker, JD, LLM


Brent Coggins, MBA

Chief investment Officer

Scott Rinehart, CPA

Head of Planning

Mitch Hockenbury, CFP

Director of Planning

Jenny Park

Director of Service & Engagement

Lyndsy Dvorak

Director of Operations

Christy Dodge

Director of Practice Management

Dani Hampton

Chief Compliance Officer

Dan Kulibert

Financial Planning Specialist

Dante Smith

Portfolio Manager

Mark Raggett

Sr Trading Specialist

Blake Matzke

Trading Specialist

Triad Partners team

Triad Wealth Partners offers investment advisory services through Triad Wealth Partners, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Triad Wealth Partners and Triad Partners are separate but affiliated companies. Triad Partners does not provide advisory services.

Brian Raynor

General Counsel

Jessica Daniels

Head of Human Resources

Denise Bergin


Stacey Boyce

Director of Accounting